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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

No Money No Fun

I was feeling on a high after having sent Progress then dropped straight back down to earth when I looked at my bank balance. Tricia and I wanted to go on another trip before she had to return to work from maternity leave: we needed to make cash and fast! We devised a plan: I would go to work!
But how would we save any money?
We devised a second part to the plan: Luckily my dad owns a pretty tatty house need the centre of Bristol which was being rented out to some climbers and their mate Jim (Jim most definitely not a climber but knows all the lingo). There was a spare room going so what better way to save money than to move in for the summer – cheap rent and shared bills would mean we could save up pretty fast.
Luckily the boys agreed to having a baby in the house with the proviso that we wouldn't complain about the mess!

Ciara: complaining about the mess!

So through July and August I was general dogs body helping my friend out doing a loft conversion. I did a little bit of climbing in my old haunt of Avon Gorge, including onsighting Dick Hall's new route, Ares E5 6C, but apart from that I took a climbing chill out.

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